Large or Small, Sweet Lew’s Caters them all!

Lewis and our other team members make it easy for you to offer family, friends, clients and co-workers a true BBQ experience!

Delivery available for orders $250 or more. There is a flat rate fee of $45 for deliveries to zip codes starting with “282”. Other areas as quoted paper goods available for $1 per person. Chafer racks and sterno (Full Pan) for $10. Contact us at 980-224-7584 for a quote for other needs. 

Large Event Specialities

Whole Hogs

Low Country Boils

Oyster Roasts

Chicken or Turkey Wings

Smoked Ham or Salmon

Weddings and Holidays


Minimum of 3 dozen each

Deviled Eggs – $18 / Dozen

Crab Puppies – $42 / Dozen

Smoked Oysters – $48 / Dozen

Sausage Balls – $39 / Dozen

Hash Sliders – $39 / Dozen

Smoked Shrimp – $42 / Dozen

Farmer’s Salad – $48 / Dozen


($1 / Person)

Buns – Fresh white buns just like you’d find in a backyard bbq!

cornbread – made in-house, moist and full of flavor. A delicious partner for your bbq and sides!

hush puppies – sweet onion hush puppies, made in house!

Combo Plates Per Person

Plates include 2 sides and cornbread or a bun

Pork, Chicken, or Sausage


Brisket or Ribs


Add Chicken or Sausage


Add Brisket


Add Ribs


Pork, Chicken, or Sausage with Brisket and Ribs


Meat by the pound

Got a crowd to feed? Whether it’s for a get together or tailgating at the game, we’ve got you covered! Order any of our delicious smoked creations by the pound.

Pulled Pork

$13 / lb

Sliced Brisket

$22 / lb

Sausage Links

$16 / lb

Pork Ribs

$13 / lb

Beef Ribs

$16 / lb


$14 / lb

Half / Whole Chicken 

$9 / lb – Half

$16 / lb – Whole

By the Quart

House Made Pickles


Brunswick Stew


BBQ Hash and Rice


Boiled Peanuts



Feed approximately 10 – 15 people with a half pan of our fantastic sides or feed approximately 25 – 30 people with a full pan. 

Collard Greens ($34 / $62)

Let us know in adavance and we’ll include a quart sized mason jar of potlikker for $7

Mac and Cheese ($34 / $62)

A custom blend of cheeses and seasonings for our sauce and elbow macaroni 

Baked Beans ($34 / $62)

A tender blend of calico beans, onions, and bacon

BBQ Potatoes ($34 / $62)

Idaho potatoes are cubed and carefully simmered in a delicious BBQ flavored stock

BBQ Hash ($34 / $62)

Smoked pork shoulder, onions, and Sweet Lew’s BBQ mustard sauce. It’s delicious over rice – add a half pan for $10 or a full pan for $20

White Slaw ($18 / $30)

We use only Dukes Mayo!

Red Slaw ($18 / $30)

Lexington BBQ fans, this red slaw, with ketchup in the mix, is a spicy partner!

Potato Salad ($24 / $45)

Includes celery, onions, and of course, Dukes Mayo!

Brunswick Stew ($45 / $80)

This version of the southern classic doesn’t include squirrel but you can be sure to find plenty of chicken, pork, corn, lima beans, and tomatoes in this hearty soup

Boiled Peanuts ($34 / $62)

Large A peanuts seasoned with our rub, cooked in our secret liquid

Additional sauces

NC Vinegar (Pork)

Red Sauce (Rib)

SC Mustard (Brisket)

Alabama White (Chicken)

$9 per Bottle


Homemade Lemonade

$8 / Gallon

Iced Tea Sweet or Unsweet

$7 / Gallon

Bottled Water

$1.50 / Each

Canned Soda

$1.50 / Each 

Homemade Desserts

Banana Pudding

Half Pan – $34

Full Pan – $65

Dirt Pie

Half Pan – $34

Full Pan – $65

Chocolate Chip Cookies

$3 / Each or $30 Per Dozen