A Little About Our Location…

Everyone in the neighborhood over the age of 30 seems to have a story about the old Ho Toy restaurant. It was built by Junior Wong who had been the chef at Oriental (the first Asian restaurant in Charlotte) in the 1950’s and was attached to his house. Originally there were two separate buildings–the Ho Toy Restaurant and a Chinese laundry. When Mr. Wong retired in the early 1980’s he sold the property and business to Johnny Tom, his former boss at Oriental, who tore down the house and connected the restaurant and laundry to create the space that Dish has today. Some say that the former laundry became a secret Chinese gambling hall.

When Mr. Tom retired he leased to a Mr. Chen who continued to operate Ho Toy until he closed the business in the late 1990’s. From 1998 through 2000 Cafe Dada operated with the former laundry building serving as an intimate late night “unplugged” music venue. In 2001 Phat Burrito moved in but was short lived. Dish leased the space in March of 2002 and opened in July.  A patio in the rear of the building was added in the summer of 2008.